Polyethylene film


Film manufactured by extrusion has a wide range of application due to its characteristics:

● strong firmness;
● high gloss;
● water-tight barrier, prevents penetration of odors;
● simple heat welding;
● can be made as biodegradable foil;
● has the possibility of reuse after recycling;
● can be laminated with other materials;

Foil can be dyed in the extrusion process and can be printed on after extrusion.


 ● fixes goods;
● protects against moisture;
● restricts ingress of dust;
prevents mechanical damage;
● transparency of the foil allows for visual inspection of goods;
● the foil retains its rigidity and resistance to cracking at food-freezing temperatures (up to -70°C);
● foils are colourless, odourless and tasteless;
● they do not contain toxic substances or harmful ingredients;
● inertness of PE foil is suitable for packaging of foods, chemicals, in permanent construction applications, etc;
● it can also be used in applications without foil shrinking (interleaving, goods coverage…)


In addition to the standard version we also supply special forms of foils:

● colour design;
● with protection against UV radiation;
● with print;
● with perforation;
● slipping design with a low friction coefficient;
● from recycled material;

1. Poly Tubing

With accurate measurements, this LDPE/LLDPE tubing can be the perfect solution for those needing bag longer than what is available in the stock packaging market,

• Can be used for those who package products with variable lengths but the same circumference, as the tubing may simply be cut to length.

• Closure can occur by anything from tying the extra plastic on the ends into knots to using a bag sealer.

2. LDPE Heat-Shrinkable Foil

widely used in many industries for fixation and protection of goods from group to pallet packaging,

• packing of goods of different sizes, irregular and complex shapes (group packaging of beverages, cans, porcelain, furniture).

• shrinkage in a hot air tunnel or by hot-air gun,

• bags, sacks, cover foils,

• clear and coloured designs,

• UV resistance, lubricity, perforation, antistatic properties, etc.

• it replaces cardboard boxing (lower cost, simpler packaging process)

3. Agricultural film


The basic characteristic of agricultural film is keeping the moisture in the ground and intensifying the growth of crops.

The film is mostly made in black colour in order to prevent the growth of weeds, the width and thickness is tailored to customer request.

The most important agricultural applications of plastic films are greenhouse, walk-in tunnel and low tunnel covers, and mulching. The raw materials are usually low density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) for mulching.

4. Strech Film

Stretch film is the most common packaging material for products in transportation.

• Basic characteristics of our stretch film are: high prestretching and transparency, puncture resistance, economy.

• Stretch film is mostly used for pallete wrapping, which protects the products from humidity and dirt and also supports them against bending and breaking. In households this film keeps the freshness of groceries.

• The selection of the most adequate film depends on the product being wrapped, as well as on the packaging machines.

• Our competent staff is at your disposal when determining the film which most suits your needs.

Client testimonials


"Cooperation with your company was a pleasure in the process of production of polyethylene films. The quality of your products is exceptional, meeting all our requirements. Your expertise and dedication is impressive. We look forward to the continuation of our successful cooperation."


"Great cooperation with Kompak In from Indjija! Their polyethylene films are of exceptional quality and reliable in every situation. We are delighted with their professionalism, quick response and adaptation to our requirements. We highly recommend Kompak In as a reliable partner in the production of foils."

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