Polyethylene bags


In the world of packaging, the term “poly bag” almost always refers to a plastic bag made from low density polyethylene. With the advancement of raw materials engineering, this includes linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and can also be used to describe bags made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), medium density polyethylene (MDPE) or all of the above


● Enhanced Protection;
● Highly Adaptable;
● Extremely Lightweight;
● Economical;
● Durable;
● Excellent Rigidity;
● Superior Flexibility;
● Food grade availability;
● Easily Recyclable;


In addition to the standard version we also supply special forms of bags:

● colour design;
● with protection against UV radiation;
● with print;
● slipping design with a low friction coefficient;
● from recycled material;

1. Industrial Poly Bag


• Industrial Strength Flat Poly Bags keep products clean, reduce tampering and offer containment of their contents.

• They may be used internally, inside of a box or envelope shipped to your customer or as the exclusive means of packaging from production to the shelf.

• Our highly trained representatives are available to assist you with selecting correct sizing, gauge and other qualities to best suit your desired use.

2. Industrial Poly Bags on Rolls


• Clear plastic bags on rolls offer many benefits in a variety of environments

• Like the vast majority of our products, these bags are all food safe.

• Only 100% virgin raw materials are used to produce these bags, making them not only safe for food and pharmaceuticals, but also contributing to consistently high quality.

3. Gusseted Poly Bags

• The side gusseted version of industrial poly bags offer all the same advantages of their flat poly bag cousins, but with the added benefit of conformity to items.
• Whether you are using them as box liners, pallet covers, product protection, equipment covers or any of the literal hundreds of other applications, these bags will assist like nothing else on the market.
• Tamper reduction, shipping protection, product containment and cleanliness are but a few of the advantages offered by this inexpensive packaging solution.

4. T-shirt bags


• Plastic T-Shirt Bags for all your retail packaging needs. These bags are strong and durable because of its high molecular weight made from high density film.

• Because of their shape, retail t-shirt bags are strong and easy to carry. Our plastic t-shirt bags are resistant against tears and punctures. This is due to the strong high density material.

• They allow extra storage space for bulky items because it is gusseted along the sides.

• Even though they are intended for clothing, food service industries, and groceries, these bags can hold a wide variety of items. These t-shirt bags are widely used around the world because of it is very affordable and lightweight.

5. Wholesale Die Cut Handle Bags


Examples of items that you can put into merchandise bags include reading material, cards, clothes, and much more. Features of our high-performance plastic die cut handle bags include:

• Available in both low and high-density plastic.

o LDPE Low-density die cut handle bags resists tears and punctures

o HDPE High-density bags are strong and durable

• Die cut carrying handle for your convenience

• Many different colors available

• Available in an extensive array of size options

• Protective packaging for your products

6. Garbage Bags


• Garbage bags are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE), and in combination with recycled or biodegradable materials contribute to environmental protection.

• They are used for all types of waste and in particular: household waste, industrial, medical, waste vegetable and animal origin.

Client testimonials


"Cooperation with your company was a pleasure in the process of production of polyethylene films. The quality of your products is exceptional, meeting all our requirements. Your expertise and dedication is impressive. We look forward to the continuation of our successful cooperation."


"Great cooperation with Kompak In from Indjija! Their polyethylene films are of exceptional quality and reliable in every situation. We are delighted with their professionalism, quick response and adaptation to our requirements. We highly recommend Kompak In as a reliable partner in the production of foils."

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